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Whilst you may be familiar with the 3 R’s of recycling, we find the fourth “R” brings a smile to our faces and has led to many DIY projects at CopperRock.

It may surprise you to know that not everything that is disposed of at our Waste and Recycling Centre is rubbish. We find that many people would rather throw out good pre-loved items, than go through the trouble of dropping them off at their local thrift shop or selling them on Marketplace themselves.

Enter CopperRock.

We’ve developed a keen eye for spotting goods that aren’t ready to be thrown to waste and can be given a new lease on life! When we come across these items we take them straight to our Tip Shop where they can be purchased for a small fee or often are listed as free, as an act of goodwill.

Our Tip Shop provides an affordable option to furnish your home, or a great place to find good-condition furniture you can upcycle and flip on Marketplace online.

Some of the items you’ll find in the Tip Shop include:

  • Artwork
  • Bed Heads
  • Bikes, including brands like Giant and Mongoose
  • Books
  • Bric-a-brac
  • Children’s toys
  • Christmas trees in boxes
  • Crockery and dining sets
  • Drum Sets
  • Fake plants
  • Furniture – tables, chairs, stools, desks, bedside tables, dressers, coffee tables, etc.
  • Golf Clubs and accessories
  • Lampshades
  • Sofas
  • Taps and fittings worth $500 RRP
  • Vintage Jewellery
  • Plus so much more!

Check out some of our favourite recent finds:

Shopping at the Tip Shop and upcycling second hand goods means you’re able to save money and pick up some unique pieces, all while reducing waste and landfill! The more waste that goes into landfill, the greater the impact on our environment.

Plus, upcycling and rehoming reduces the demand for production, largely in relation to wood furniture which is costly to produce (especially given current timber shortages).

When you pick up a piece from our Tip Shop, most times all they need is a lick of paint or a fresh coat of varnish to look as good as new! You can also let your creativity run wild with some bright colour changes, new upholstery and finishings to create something truly unique for your home!


The distressed look is an easy to master skill when using Chalk Paint which requires little to no sanding in preparation for painting. After your coats have been applied you simply take to the paint with a piece of sandpaper and remove as much of the paint as you desire to achieve your look.

PRO TIP: Less is more. Remove the paint on sharp edges and flat surfaces so you can achieve the distressed look faster. You can opt to seal the paint with beeswax or simply leave as is.

Check out some of these pieces that our team have restored –

Bedside table before & after

Bedroom set before & after

The Tip Shop is open from 8am-4pm Monday-Saturday, be sure to check it out next time you stop by CopperRock Recycling Centre and pick up a bargain!

Learn more about our Tip Shop here.