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Did you know that by sorting your rubbish before you bring it to CopperRock Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre, you can save time and money as well as our environment?

The number one tip we can give you before loading your waste into your car boot, trailer or ute tray is to SORT, SORT, SORT!! Taking a few extra minutes to sort your waste into categories can make a big difference when you get to our weighbridge.

We recommend sorting your load into general waste, green waste, e-waste and recyclables. Not only will it save you time and money, but also helps ensure your visit to our centre runs as smoothly as possible. It also allows us to maximise the amount of items we can recycle by avoiding landfill. Watch out for the clearly marked signs or ask the friendly staff to help you find the correct drop-off point.

General waste refers to non-recyclable items and household waste. Green waste can include grass clippings, weeds, bushes, tree branches, plants and flowers. And E-waste is any electronic waste with a battery or power cord. Separating your waste into these categories makes it much easier for us to check your rubbish; and the quicker we can do our job, the quicker you can get home!

What if my E-Waste still works?

Did you know that if your E-Waste is in good, working condition you can now donate them to your local Vinnies Op Shops? Their Electrical Test & Tag ‘Green Sparks’ Program has over 200 volunteers in 100 of their stores that are ready to receive quality electrical donations in-store, to test, tag and recycle the goods for sale. Every sale contributes to reducing harmful E-Waste in Victoria (and saves you money not having to pay to recycle them!).

Why sort your load?

You can save time, effort and money by making a few small changes to how you pack your load before your trip to the transfer station.

Unfortunately, not all waste disposal is free. Depending on the waste you’re getting rid of, different charges apply. You can’t sort your rubbish on site so it’s important to do it before you get here to ensure we can charge you correctly and save you money where possible! If your waste is not separated, it will be classified as a mixed load and you will be charged for it as a whole.

The items that can be recycled at Copperrock free of charge are:

While the items that will incur a fee include:

  • Commercial paper and cardboard
  • Concrete, bricks and tiles
  • E-Waste (NCTRS out of scope)
  • Green waste
  • Hard rubbish
  • Mattresses
  • Mixed rubble
  • Motor oil
  • Soil (uncontaminated)
  • Timber
  • Tyres

What do you do with items that aren’t rubbish, but I just want to get rid of?

Over the course of the year we see tonnes of furniture, bikes and equipment brought into our recycling centre that are in good used condition. What do we do with these items, well some of them are given a bit of a love and are resold through our Tip Shop located on site.

It’s where we aim to do our own bit of rehoming by turning other people’s trash into treasure. We often do some good will too and give away items to those in need. Items like furniture and bikes never last long though. So when you drop off your rubbish why not stop in at our Tip Shop to see if something takes your fancy.


  • Check ahead to find out what can be recycled
  • Pack your trailer so the attendant can easily see what is in your load
  • Pack similar materials together
  • Separate recyclable from non-recyclable
  • Secure your load with a net, tie down straps or ropes before you head off to the transfer station

Secure your load

Did you know it is illegal not to secure your load? Loose loads can be dangerous, and sometimes fatal, to you and other drivers. Motorists who fail to secure their load may be fined. Always ensure your load is correctly secured with nets, tie down straps or ropes before you head off to the transfer station.

Find out how much you could save

We’ve outlined the costs of recycling your items in our extensive pricing list so you can get an idea of how much your waste will cost to discard here at CopperRock. This will ensure you’re prepared with your payment amount and won’t be surprised by the charges when you get to the weighbridge.

Simply separating your trash before you come along to CopperRock Recycling Centre can save you cash!

If you need some advice on sorting your load before you get here feel free to give our friendly team a call in advance, we’re always happy to help!