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Garden Supplies FAQs

Over our years of operation, we’ve come across a range of frequently asked questions regarding garden supplies. Therefore, we’ve decided to compile a helpful list of FAQs that our customers can view before visiting the centre. Of course, if you have a question that hasn’t been answered in the garden supplies FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on (03) 9585 4385 who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Where do your garden supplies come from?

Our garden supplies are sourced from the greens & timber waste that gets brought to our transfer station! After the green waste is collected, we transport it off to our wholesalers/recyclers who turn it into garden supplies. We then buy them back and sell at our garden supply centre.

So when you purchase our garden supplies, you’ll support the circular economy.

Why should I mulch my garden?

Mulch retains moisture in the soil and assists with retarding weed growth. As mulch decomposes over time, it provides organic nutrient to the soil. Also, we like to say that mulching does to a garden what paint does to walls. Essentially, mulch is a great way to freshen up your garden and make it look vibrant and healthy. Read more about the benefits of mulching your garden.

How much mulch/ sand/ aggregate do I need?

Great question! While it can be difficult to determine exactly how much product you’ll need, the best way is to measure the length, width and depth of the area you’re using the product in to determine the volume you will need.

Can I get garden supplies delivered?

Yes, we offer same day delivery on all garden supplies provided you order in advance by giving us a call at (03) 9585 4385.

How can I prepare for my visit?

The best way you can prepare for your visit to CopperRock is to have an idea of what you want to purchase and how much of it you need. This will allow your experience to run smoothly so that you can be in and out as quickly as possible.

Do I have to drive through waste and recycling to access the garden supplies centre?

Yes. If you know what products you would like to purchase; you can order from the comfort of your car. Simply drive over the weighbridge, stop at our weighbridge office and place your order. If you want to explore the products and discuss your project, park your vehicle and visit the site office.

Which garden supplies are best for my garden?

Many of our garden supplies will be suitable for a variety of gardens; however, our team are happy to offer advice.

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Skip Bin Hire

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