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Recycling Myths
Before You Arrive

Top Tips

Following the do’s and don’ts of waste removal and recycling is imperative to making your experience at CopperRock run smoothly.

Before arriving at our facility, it’s important to be aware of what can and can’t be recycled as well as items that have associated fees. Contrary to what some people believe, not all waste and recycling can be processed for free.

Before you arrive at the CopperRock centre, there are two important steps we recommend you take to ensure your visit to our centre runs as smoothly as possible. Keep in mind, our team will always be there to assist if you have any questions upon arrival.

Step 1: Sort Your Waste

The number one tip we can give before you load your waste into your car is to sort, sort, sort! Separate the waste you have according to our categories; General Waste, E-Waste and Green Waste. Doing this will make it much easier for us to check your rubbish. The quicker we can do our job, the quicker you can get home.  If your waste is not separated, it will be classified a mixed load and you will be charged for it on the whole.  You cannot sort your rubbish on site.

Step 2: Know the Costs

Use our pricing list to get an idea as to how much your waste will cost to discard. This will ensure you’re prepared with your payment amount and aren’t surprised by the charges.

What Can I Recycle?

Having worked for 15 years in the waste and recycling industry, we have come to learn that there are many misconceptions as to what can and can’t be recycled, as well as the costs associated with waste removal. Below is a helpful recycling guide; however, for more comprehensive information we recommend checking out our waste and recycling do’s and don’ts.

Free of Charge

Charges Apply

  • Commercial paper and cardboard (FLATTENED BOXES)
  • Concrete, bricks and tiles
  • E-Waste (NCTRS out of scope)
  • Green waste
  • Hard rubbish
  • Mattresses
  • Mixed rubble
  • Motor oil
  • Soil (uncontaminated)
  • Timber
  • Tyres

Not Accepted

  • Adhesives
  • Aerosol paint cans
  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals and liquids
  • Clay
  • Concrete dust
  • Cooking Oil
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Food waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • LPG tanks
  • Medical Waste
  • Pressurised containers of any kind (other than 3-9kg LPG BBQ)
  • Sawdust
  • Volcanic / Honeycomb Rocks

Extra Charges Associated with Waste Removal

The following list of items can be discarded but at an extra cost on top of general waste.

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Your Local Waste & Recycling Centre

CopperRock is conveniently based in the South-East suburbs of Cheltenham, Bayside.
That’s 20 minutes from Clayton, 30 minutes from Frankston, and 50 minutes from Melbourne.


CopperRock Partners

CopperRock work with a wide range of businesses and specialised recycling
plants to make sure your rubbish is repurposed or properly disposed of.

Skip Bin Hire

CopperRock offer an affordable, efficient and simple skip bin hire service, available to Bayside Melbourne residents.

We have a range of skip bins available for hire depending on the volume of waste you have and what you want to discard. To learn more about delivery times, pricing and skip bin dimensions, visit our skip bin hire page.

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Garden Supplies

Derived from our clients very own green & timber waste, CopperRock offer a range of high-quality garden supplies to Melbourne residents.

Our garden supplies centre is a hub for everything you need to refresh your garden. We offer everything from mulch, soil and sand through to pebbles and gravel. For more information and pricing, visit our garden supplies page.

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