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Excavator unloading black mulch garden supplies into black JP Garden supplies truck in Bayside
Melbourne Bayside

JP Garden Supplies

In addition to our waste removal and recycling, we offer garden and landscaping supplies to Melbourne Bayside residents.

Our garden and landscaping supplies are unique because they are broken down from the Bayside community’s green and hard timber waste and made into mulches, organic composts and soils. When you purchase garden products from CopperRock, you are supporting the circular economy and giving our waste a second life.

Support recycling and local businesses. Our mission is that nothing goes to waste, which is why we aim to turn as much waste as we can into sellable garden supplies. Whether you’re simply refreshing your garden or home for the new season ahead, or starting a major renovation, CopperRock provide all the supplies you need for an impressive transformation.

For more information on our garden supplies service, please review our FAQs or contact one of our friendly team on (03) 9585 4385 who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Bayside Garden Supply

We have a wide range of garden supplies available to suit a variety of projects including:

Building sands

Building aggregates

Garden soils

Garden sands

Garden pebbles & stones

Garden mulches

And more!

Selling Your Home?

One of the most cost-effective ways to elevate the look of your home is to update your garden, improve kerb appeal and beautify or tidy your outdoor spaces. In addition to buying new plants, one of the most significant cosmetic changes you can make to your garden is buying new pebbles and mulch.

Decking out your garden with new pebbles and mulch will not only nourish your garden but will make it look brand new! Therefore, we have many customers coming in to buy pebbles and mulch to prepare their home for sale to impress buyers in a cost-effective way.

Our experienced team of garden experts are happy to help you choose a selection of high-quality mulch, sand, soils and pebbles that will suit the look of your garden.

Backview of excavator unloading black garden supplies mulch into the back of a JP Garden supplies truck in Bayside

Garden Supplies Pricing

CopperRock have a wide range of garden supplies available for sale which all vary in price depending on what you’re purchasing. For more information, please visit our garden supplies pricing page which includes a comprehensive list of our products accompanied by pricing options according to volume. As always, our experienced team are happy to work with you to find products that fit within your budget.

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Garden Supply Product Range

To cater for the needs of our Bayside community, we have a wide range of garden products available for purchase. Whether you’re after pebbles to surround paving, sand for a kid’s sandpit or mulching for your garden, CopperRock has something to suit your needs. For a more detailed list of our garden supplies range, please visit our products page.

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CopperRock have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to help you plan your visit to our garden supplies centre. While we cover a range of topics in our FAQs, if you don’t see your question listed, please contact one of our helpful team who will be happy to answer your queries.

Garden Supplies FAQs

The Process

Over our years of operation, we’ve worked to create a streamlined process that ensures our customers can have a positive and efficient experience.

From Waste to Garden Supplies

Our garden supplies are made from our community greens & timber waste, which is what makes them so special. When we receive green waste & timber waste from customers, we transport it to our wholesaler/recycler who processes it into organic garden products or mulch, which we then buy back from them for sale at our garden supplies centre.

Obtaining your Garden Supplies

We have two options when it comes to obtaining your garden supplies:



Our garden supplies centre is located within the CopperRock centre. To access the garden supplies centre, use the same entrance as the waste and recycling centre. You can park on site and view the supplies and attend the office to place an order.

When you arrive at the garden supplies centre, you will see the garden products divided into sections of mulch, soil, compost, sand, pebbles, granite and decorative pebbles.

All our products also come in 20 litre bags for your convenience and smaller projects.



If you would prefer not to visit our garden supplies centre, another option is to have our garden supplies delivered to your home. This includes soil and mulch delivery, and all other garden supply products.

We deliver to all Bayside suburbs and beyond, with the only requirement for delivery is that the product is at least 1 cubic metre. Also, each product will be delivered separately as we do not mix the products; however, when our tipper tips the product at your premises the products will mix.

If you have any further questions, contact us on (03) 9585 4385 to chat about your next garden project.

Your Local Waste & Recycling Centre

CopperRock is conveniently based in the South-East suburbs of Cheltenham, Bayside.
That’s 20 minutes from Clayton, 30 minutes from Frankston, and 50 minutes from Melbourne.


Skip Bin Hire

CopperRock offer an affordable, efficient and simple skip bin hire service, available to Bayside Melbourne residents.

We have a range of skip bins available for hire depending on the volume of waste you have and what you want to discard. To learn more about delivery times, pricing and skip bin dimensions, visit our skip bin hire page.

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Waste & Recycling

Want to get rid of your hard rubbish, green waste and recycling in an ethical way? Our waste & recycling centre is carefully organised and run by our waste removal specialists to ensure your rubbish is discarded properly.

Simply sort your rubbish before arrival and drive around to each different station at our centre. For more information regarding pricing, rules and regulations, visit our waste & recycling page.

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CopperRock Partners

CopperRock work with a wide range of businesses and specialised recycling
plants to make sure your rubbish is repurposed or properly disposed of.