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Wooden furniture in a tip shop, salvaged from Bayside waste and recycling centre
Melbourne Bayside

The CopperRock Tip Shop

In addition to the waste & recycling section of our centre, we also have a tip shop where we stock a range of recycled goods sourced from the waste that comes in to CopperRock. We only select items that are in usable condition, upcycling them to be ready for sale at an affordable price. Some of the items you might find in our tip shop at any given time include furniture, homewares, filing cabinets, paintings and vintage knick knacks.

Our tip shop is open from 8am-4pm Monday-Saturday. We recommend bringing a ute or large car- our customers often depart with more items than they thought! If you have any further questions about our tip shop, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on (03) 9585 4285.

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The Benefits of Upcycling

At CopperRock, one of our core business values is doing as much as we can to conserve the environment. The tip shop is our contribution towards trying to upcycle someone else’s waste that isn’t ready to go into landfill.

Upcycling is an amazing alternative because it reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfill, which is always the goal of waste removal. The more waste that goes into landfill, the greater impact to our environment. In addition, upcycling reduces the demand for production, especially in relation to wood furniture which is costly to produce.

Finally, upcycling is fun and encourages creativity and innovation! At the CopperRock tip shop, our customers often find hidden gems that they can reinvent to suit the style of their home. Overall, upcycling is good for the environment, the economy and your creativity.

How it Works

Visiting our tip shop is a stress free and fun experience, located away from the waste & recycling centre for your convenience. When you arrive, simply park, walk into the tip shop and start exploring! We recommend bringing a large bag, box and a friend or family member in case you come across any heavy items.

When you’ve gathered your treasures, visit one of our staff who will check out the items for you and provide final pricing. Of course, our friendly team will always be there to help you. It’s important to note that our products are determined by the waste delivered to the centre each day; therefore, the stock will be ever changing. While we can’t guarantee exactly what will be in stock, we can guarantee is that there will always be high quality items looking for a new home.

Hidden Treasures

Below are some examples of hidden treasures found in our tip shop.

Collector’s items

Vintage children’s toys

New children’s toys


Bespoke furniture

Vintage jewellery

Barely used furniture

Useful office items

Bikes and Scooters


Matching sets of chairs

Books - New and Old


And so much more…!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put anything on hold?

Unfortunately, due to the fast-moving nature of the tip shop, we don’t hold items.

Can I request to be notified if certain items come in?

Yes, you can certainly request to be notified if items come in. We will take down your name, number and request, and aim to notify you as soon as your desired item arrives.

How can I prepare for my visit?

Our tip shop is designed to be a place to explore and find hidden treasures! Come with an open mind but also with some bags and boxes for your items and preferably a car with plenty of boot space in case you come across any large items.

Can I donate directly to the tip shop?

No, you cannot donate directly to the tip shop. However, you can drop waste off at our waste & recycling centre.

How much do the items cost?

Costs of the items will always vary. However, we can always guarantee that the products will be affordably priced.

When is the tip shop open?

The tip shop is open 8am-4pm Monday-Saturday.

Where is the tip shop located?

The tip shop is Temporarily Closed.

Skip Bin Hire

CopperRock offer an affordable, efficient and simple skip bin hire service, available to Bayside Melbourne residents.

We have a range of skip bins available for hire depending on the volume of waste you have and what you want to discard. To learn more about delivery times, pricing and skip bin dimensions, visit our skip bin hire page.

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Waste & Recycling

Want to get rid of your hard rubbish, green waste and recycling in an ethical way? Our waste & recycling centre is carefully organised and run by our waste removal specialists to ensure your rubbish is discarded properly.

Simply sort your rubbish before arrival and drive around to each different station at our centre. For more information regarding pricing, rules and regulations, visit our waste & recycling page.

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Garden Supplies

Derived from our clients very own green & timber waste, CopperRock offer a range of high-quality garden supplies to Melbourne residents.

Our garden supplies centre is a hub for everything you need to refresh your garden. We offer everything from mulch, soil and sand through to pebbles and gravel. For more information and pricing, visit our garden supplies page.

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CopperRock Partners

CopperRock work with a wide range of businesses and specialised recycling
plants to make sure your rubbish is repurposed or properly disposed of.