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Spring Clean Your Garden With CopperRock

Spring has officially sprung, and there’s no better time to give your garden a spring clean, and CopperRock are here to help!

We’ve put together a list of our must-dos to help you organise your gardening priorities over the next few months; check it out below.

First things first – check in on your garden!

When the sun comes out, it’s time to get into the garden and take note of what’s happened over winter while you’ve been indoors.

Some things to look out for include:

  • Ice or frost damage on plants
  • Garden beds that need a good weed or clean up
  • Hardscaping elements that may have shifted, rotted, bowed or deteriorated (such as your walls, fences, benches, sheds, etc)
  • Evidence of any animal disruptions from rabbits, mice, birds, and even your pets

Once you know what needs a refresh, you know where to focus your spring clean efforts!

Hardscaping comes first.

Early spring is the ideal time to repair damaged retaining walls, level out your stepping stones, clean out your gutters, and fix fences, benches, decks and sheds. These tasks are easier to accomplish while your plants are still resting safely dormant before they begin to bloom.

Early spring is also an excellent time to plan for and build new raised gardens, widen existing ones, and tidy up your beds’ edging. When temperatures allow, add a fresh coat of paint, stain or sealant to any hardscaping elements made of wood so they’ll look good as new come the entertaining season.

Clean your garden beds.

Before your spring florals come through it’s time to clean out your garden beds!  Maintaining a fresh and clean garden bed will help keep diseases and those warm weather pests, such as aphids and psyllids, at bay.

Removing any fallen branches, leaves, last year’s perennial foliage, weeds, grasses and any dead plants from your garden beds can make them look fresh in just a few moments! If you’ve got enough green waste to fill ten green bins, a skip bin hire can help make your garden clean-up easy! Check out our skip bin hire options and get an instant online quote via our website.

While you’re cleaning your garden beds, don’t forget to give your bird bath, bird feeders and water feature some TLC to get rid of any lingering diseases or insect eggs in your containers.

Prune, trim and tidy your growth.

If you didn’t prune in winter, now is the time to trim your fruit trees. Prune your trees and shrubs to remove any withered winter leaves and overgrowth. Trim your hedges to encourage new growth. Now’s also the perfect time to trim your summer flowering shrubs like hibiscus and hydrangea, so all their energy goes into producing beautiful blooms when the time comes. If you leave it any later, you risk cutting off the buds and ruining all your hard work! A skip bin will also come in handy here to dispose of all your trimmings!

Add fresh mulch to your garden beds.

The winter rain is sure to have washed away some of your garden bedding and mulch, so it’ll definitely need a revamp to make it look fresh again! Not only can a fresh layer of mulch improve your house’s curb appeal, but it keeps your plants hydrated, it improves the quality of your soil, it acts as insulation and it helps keep weeds at bay! Read about all the benefits mulch can have for your garden in our blog post.

At CopperRock, we have several different types of mulch that are suitable for different purposes, including:

If you’re looking for mulch delivery in Melbourne or bayside, or finding yourself searching for ‘pine bark mulch near me’, we offer same day delivery on all garden supplies provided you order in advance by giving us a call at (03) 9585 4385.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our mulch options, or stop by CopperRock to check out our wide range of options for your garden!

The grass is almost greener.

To get your grass growing and greening up, you should get out the garden fork and aerate your lawn. Early spring is the best time to apply a weed killer before you follow up a few weeks later with a lawn fertiliser to keep the grass growing strong and prevent new weeds.

If you have any bare patches or want to start a whole new lawn from scratch, now is the time to prepare the lawn to grow grass from seed. When the soil warms up, you’ll be able to establish your grass before the summer heat hits.

Time to plant and fertilise!

Spring is the perfect season to plant just about anything. The soil moisture is still high from the wet winter and plants can become established before the summer heat waves hit. And don’t forget to give your new, and existing, plants a good dose of quality fertiliser (not just the lawn!).

Why not add some new planters to your garden with these DIY projects?!

Need some more space for your spring planting? Why not create your own planters from recycled goods?! You can save old car tyres from going into landfill by upcycling them as fun planters for your garden; check out this article for a how-to guide.

Or, if you’re running out of ground space for garden beds, why not create a vertical garden from old pallets? Check out this step-by-step for some guidance. We almost always have tyres and pallets here at CopperRock, stop by and ask our team where you can pick some up for free to do these DIY projects!

Putting in the effort to get your garden looking fresh now will make the next few seasons much easier when it comes to garden maintenance!