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Hiring a skip bin from CopperRock gives you the freedom to dispose of your garden waste in a safe and effective manner. This includes your green waste, organic waste, or whatever you prefer to call it. If you have been undertaking a significant gardening or outdoor landscaping project, either at your home or work, then you may require a skip bin to contain all the leftover waste. Here’s everything you need to know about how our skip bin hire service can help with all your garden waste disposal needs.

What is Garden Waste?

Garden waste is the natural and organic waste that is left over from a gardening or outdoor landscaping project. This can include grass clippings, weeds, bushes, tree branches, plants, flowers, mulch, and small pebbles and decorative stones. Most kind of waste that you have left over after a job or project at home or work needs to be disposed of properly.

This is because dumping green waste or any waste is an illegal activity. Dumping can cause environmental harm and is a potential safety hazard to both people and wildlife. Fines are issued to any person or corporation who is caught illegally dumping green waste, so don’t take the risk, and do the smart thing – garden waste skip hire.

Garden Waste Skip Hire Service

Sometimes, you’re going to end up with too much garden waste to fit inside your home green waste bin. In these cases, hiring a skip bin is your best option as it gives you the space to fit in more contents, while also allowing you to dispose of general waste, mixed heavies, and recyclables. And for those residents and businesses in Melbourne’s Bayside region, you don’t have to look any further than CopperRock’s skip bin hire.

With CopperRock’s skip bins, you’ll have the flexibility to choose the right bin size for your job or project.  You can choose between our range of skip bins that vary in size from 2 to 12 cubic metres. Once you have decided on the type of bin you want, our friendly team will transport it over to your home, business, or building site and will pick it up after three days. If you need the skip bin for a shorter period, or you need it past the three days, simply reach out to us and we’ll be happy to accommodate the change in time.

All our skip bins can be filled with the garden waste mentioned above. The only exception to this is that soil cannot be placed in a skip bin larger than 6 cubic metres. This is because there are weight limits on our skip bins, and the more contents that a bin can hold means that the contents must be lighter. If you have soil that you wish to dispose of, choose either one of our 2, 3 or 4 cubic metre skip bins or our low side 6 metre bulk bin.

Green Waste Skip Hire

Recycling Your Green Waste

CopperRock takes the green waste from our Bayside customers to a specialist centre where it is broken down to create quality garden products that you can purchase from our garden supplies store. Garden waste can be used to make everything from mulch to garden compost, meaning each time you dispose of natural waste into one of our skip bins, you are potentially giving us the resources to recycle that material for future use.

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