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If you’re a builder, landscaper, or someone working on a home DIY construction project, chances are you’ll need to hire a skip bin to properly dispose of your building waste. At CopperRock, we provide skip bin hire services for residents, building sites and businesses around the Bayside area of Melbourne. However, there are restrictions as to what type of building rubble can be placed in one of our skip bins. Some of these limitations are tied to the skip bin size hired, the type of skip bin that you hire, and the building rubble or materials that you plan to place in the skip bin.

Today, we’re going to dive into what type of building rubble you can dispose of in a CopperRock skip bin, and what alternative methods of disposal are available to you for any materials that aren’t allowed.

What is Building Rubble?

Firstly, let’s quickly define what we mean by “building rubble”. Rubble is the waste left behind after construction projects – whether they are large scale building sites or smaller jobs around the house. Typically, building rubble will contain materials such as bricks, stones, clay, soil, sand, cement, timber, steel, and other light, and heavy building waste. When combining all these heavy materials together, the waste is sometimes also referred to as ‘mixed heavies’.

Without proper disposal, building rubble can be a safety hazard for people living or working near the waste. The rubble can also cause harm to the local environment and wildlife. Older buildings may even contain dangerous building materials such as asbestos, which requires expert removalists to dispose of. Therefore, the quicker you can get rid of building rubble from your home, business or building site, the better.

What Building Rubble Can Go in a CopperRock Skip Bin?

Hiring a skip bin from CopperRock requires complying with our list of rules and regulations. These have been developed to protect our workers, look after our skip bins, and make sure that the waste is being disposed of correctly. As such, there are certain limitations determining what type of building rubble can be placed in one of our skip bins.

The size of the skip bin is one of these determining factors. Our smaller skip bins ranging from 2-4 cubic metres can all take mixed heavies, such as concrete, soil, bricks, and sand. However, our larger skip bins and bulk bins can only take lighter building materials. You are prohibited from disposing of any concrete, soil, or bricks in our 6 cubic metre skip bins or our bulk bins from 8-12 cubic metres.  However, our low line 6 cubic metre bulk bin is perfect for ‘mix heavies’. This is because there are weight limits to the contents of skip bins so they can be safely transported, meaning the larger the bin, the lighter the waste.

There are other materials that can’t be placed in a CopperRock skip bin including, any liquids, paints, wet cement, asbestos, and clay. These materials are strictly prohibited from going in any of our skip bins. You can bring your paint to be recycled at our recycling centre. For a full list of prohibited materials, check out our article 9 things you can’t put in a skip bin.

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Where Else Can You Dispose of Building Rubble?

There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to dispose of your building rubble in one of CopperRock’s skip bins. You may only have a small load of rubble, meaning that hiring a skip bin isn’t financially worth it. Or you may live outside of Melbourne’s Bayside area and can’t have a CopperRock skip bin delivered to your home, business or building site.

Thankfully, you can bring your building waste to CopperRock’s Waste & Recycling Centre conveniently located in Cheltenham. We take everything from concrete and bricks to tiles and green waste. While some costs do apply for certain materials, this is still an affordable, safe, and appropriate way to dispose of any leftover waste from a construction or renovation project.

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If you’re a homeowner, builder or landscaper in Melbourne’s Bayside region looking to hire a skip bin to dispose of your building rubble, then look no further than CopperRock. Use our calculator to get a quote for your next project.

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