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We take recycling seriously at CopperRock, and we do everything that we can to minimise the amount of rubbish we are contributing to landfill. Learn more about our waste and recycling process and how you can help make the recycling process more efficient in our latest article.

1. Preparing for Drop Off

Before you arrive at the centre to drop off your waste and recycling, we recommend you view our list of Recycling do’s and don’ts to determine what you can and can’t bring, as well as any extra costs that might occur. Once you have gathered your waste, sort it as best you can. If there are recyclable materials, please keep it separated from the general waste.  For example, if you have cardboard and general waste, place your cardboard in the boot of your car as this is free.  For general waste, place this on the back seat of your car. This will make the drop-off process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

2. Dropping off Your Waste

Once you arrive at our waste and recycling centre, you must drive over the weighbridge to obtain your ticket to enter the site.  you will then drive through our different stations to drop off each category of waste you have. At each station, you will have your load of rubbish inspected by our helpful staff who will ensure that your waste is going to the correct stations. As mentioned above, this process will run even more smoothly if you have pre-sorted rubbish upon arrival. After inspection, removing the waste from your vehicle is done by the individual; however, our staff are more than happy to help elderly customers struggling with unloading their own waste.

3. What Happens Next? 

Once your waste has been collected by our team, we pass it over to our recycling partners who help turn your rubbish into useful materials. Some recyclables – such as mattresses – may need to be deconstructed to be recycled, while others like green waste are sent offsite to be mulched and processed. We then purchase the mulch back from our green waste partner and sell it in our garden supplies shop. Sometimes, items that are in great re-usable conditions are also sent to the dump – we bring these items to our tip shop where visitors are welcomed to browse and purchase.

Get in Touch:

Got questions? Get in touch with CopperRock on (03) 9585 4385 for more information about our waste and recycling services.

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