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On the 1st of July 2021, the Environment Protection Act 2017 will come into effect throughout Victoria. These series of new laws will change how the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will regulate businesses and households to prevent harm to the environment and human health. At CopperRock, we believe in disposing of waste and recycling in a manner that is eco-friendly and does not pose any risk to human health. As such, we’ve decided to dive into how this new Act will affect our customers and why it’s important to our company’s ethos, particularly as we draw near to World Environmental Day on June 5.

What the New Act Means for the Community

Under the new Act, Victorians will have an increased responsibility in keeping their households environmentally friendly. This means that all members of the community will need to take care in how their actions and decisions affect the environment around them, with particular attention taken on how to dispose of waste correctly.

Improper waste disposal can have a serious negative impact on the environment and the lives of your neighbours. Waterways may be contaminated, local wildlife may suffer, and it may cause damage to your property and pose a health risk to yourself and your family. This is why it’s essential you follow the appropriate guidelines for waste disposal by only placing the correct items in your kerbside bins and taking what’s left to your nearby waste & recycling centre or hiring a skip bin.

Other community responsibilities outlined in the new Act include households recycling e-waste, removing asbestos, and reducing wood smoke & vehicle emissions.

How CopperRock can Help

At CopperRock, we make it a high priority to dispose of waste responsibly in a manner that prevents harm to the environment. Our Bayside waste & recycling centre is an ideal choice for any local residence to responsibly dispose of their household waste. We accept a range of goods for recycling that include everything from household paint cans to construction rubble to mattresses. For a comprehensive list of what we accept for recycling, and which goods require an extra cost, check out our waste & recycling dos and don’ts. By choosing to drop off your waste at our centre, you will be complying with the new Act’s requirements surrounding community waste disposal.

Likewise, CopperRock’s skip bin hire service is designed to comply with the new laws. According to the Act, any skip bin business must take their waste to a licensed facility. Failure to comply will result in a fine for both the business and the household who chose them. You can rest easy knowing that any waste placed in a CopperRock skip bin will be carefully sorted through by our experienced team to isolate any recyclables. Green waste is also transferred to our partners for mulching and processing, and re-purchased back for sale at our garden supplies store. The remainder  is taken to a licensed landfill.

Creating a Better Future

The creation of this new Act was in response to Victorians wishing for their state to have stricter environmental rules and regulations for businesses and households. As such, there are now harsher penalties for businesses and households that fail to comply with the laws, while the EPA are offering more resources and support to help everyone comprehend and follow the new Act. By disposing of waste and recycling in a legal and responsible manner, Victoria’s environment will improve, helping to create a better future for everyone.

Get in Touch

The friendly team at CopperRock are dedicated to using our years of experience in helping Melbourne Bayside residents dispose of their waste and recycling in a legal and effective manner. We are committed to creating a better future by helping households comply with the new Environment Protection Act by offering responsible waste services. If you have any questions about our waste & recycling centre or our skip bin hire services, reach out to us on (03) 9585 4385 today!