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Melbourne Bayside

Garden Supplies Pricing

At CopperRock, we pride ourselves on being able to provide highly affordable garden supplies to the local Melbourne Bayside community so that everyone can freshen up their garden. We have a wide range of garden supplies available which all vary in price. View our price list below to get an idea of how much your required supplies will cost.

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Product PricesBag1/4m³1/2m³3/4m³1m³+
CRUSHED ROCK$12.00$24.00 $44.00 $64.00$80.00
GRANITE GREY 20MM$15.00$41.00$74.00$108.00$135.00
PEBBLES 20mm$15.00$41.00$74.00$108.00$135.00
BLACK COLOURED MULCH$11.00$21.00$39.00$56.00$70.00
RED COLOURED MULCH$11.00$21.00$39.00$56.00$70.00
EUCEY MULCHES$10.00$20.00$36.00$52.00$65.00
MUSHROOM MULCHES$11.00$20.00$37.00$54.00$68.00
PINE BARK 10MM$12.00$23.00$41.00$60.00$75.00
PINE BARK 20MM$12.00$23.00$41.00$60.00$75.00
SOFTPLAY MULCH$11.00$22.00$40.00$58.00$72.00
SUPER FINE MULCH$11.00$20.00$37.00$54.00$68.00
WHITE WASHED$16.00$32.00$58.00$84.00$105.00
GARDEN BLEND$12.00$23.00$41.00$60.00$75.00
ORGANIC COMPOST/SOIL CONDITIONER$12.00$23.00$43.00$62.00$78.00

Call (03) 9585 4385 to place an order and organise delivery within Melbourne Bayside suburbs.

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CopperRock is conveniently based in the South-East suburbs of Cheltenham, Bayside.
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CopperRock offer an affordable, efficient and simple skip bin hire service, available to Bayside Melbourne residents.

We have a range of skip bins available for hire depending on the volume of waste you have and what you want to discard. To learn more about delivery times, pricing and skip bin dimensions, visit our skip bin hire page.

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CopperRock work with a wide range of businesses and specialised recycling
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