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Waste Recycling Near Me

The residents of the City of Bayside in Melbourne have access to a great local waste & recycling centre in CopperRock. Our waste transfer centre in Cheltenham provides locals with the opportunity to dispose of their unwanted waste in a responsible and controlled environment that’s fully guided by our experienced team. Of course, we welcome anyone outside of the Bayside region to pay our waste & recycling centre a visit, as we believe the more waste we can appropriately transfer, the better. So, let’s take a look at where you can find us, and what you should know before your trip to CopperRock.

Where is CopperRock’s Waste & Recycling Centre?

CopperRock is Temporarily Closed for Waste and Recycling.

What are CopperRock’s Opening Hours?

CopperRock’s waste & recycling centre is open from 8am-4pm from Monday to Saturday. The centre is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Is the Waste & Recycling Centre Open During COVID-19 Lockdowns?

CopperRock’s waste & recycling centre will continue to remain open and operational for essential services, authorised trade and businesses during COVID-19 enforced lockdowns. Any visitors, as well as all CopperRock staff members, are required to wear a mask at the centre and follow social distancing guidelines. Staff members will also disinfect any surfaces between visits.

As this is an ever-changing situation, we recommend that you visit our status page. This way, you will always have up to date information about the centre’s current status, while also taking into account any lockdown restrictions imposed by the government.

Please see a list below of general information, typically in practice when restrictions are lifted.

Can I Visit CopperRock if I Live Outside of the Bayside Region?

Of course you can! We welcome anyone to come to our waste & recycling centre if you wish to pass off your unwanted waste to our transfer team. Naturally, we are situated to primarily service the residents of Bayside in suburbs such as Beaumaris, Brighton, Cheltenham and Hampton. However, our gates will always remain open to anyone who needs to dispose of their waste, particularly in the neighbouring council suburbs of Kingston, Glen Eira and Port Phillip.

How Should I Prepare for My Visit to CopperRock?

Before you visit CopperRock’s waste & recycling centre, you should pay careful attention to our list of recycling do’s and don’ts so you have a clear understanding of what is expected from you before arrival. In particular, it’s important that you understand why your waste needs to be sorted before you arrive at the centre, as you won’t have any time to organise your recycling from your general waste once you have entered.

It’s also important that you understand what materials can and can’t be recycled, and what costs may apply to certain items and materials. This is so there is no confusion or surprises when you come to our centre. And, of course, you can always reach out to us if you have any questions beforehand.

What to Do Once You Arrive at CopperRock?

Now that you have prepared all your waste materials, it’s time to pay our Bayside centre a visit. Once you arrive, you will need to drive over the weigh bridge and speak to the operator. Please follow the traffic signals at this point, as there can only be one vehicle on the weigh bridge at all times.

Once you have spoken to the operator, you will be directed towards the designated area. Be prepared to wait at the STOP point if there are disruptions in the centre.

Furthermore, all traffic in the centre is one way. This means that at no point are you allowed to reverse or do a U-turn. If you miss one of the stations, then you can always swing back around at the end and begin another trip.

Visit Our Bayside Waste & Recycling Centre

If you live in the Bayside region and you need to dispose of your unwanted waste, then look no further than CopperRock’s waste & recycling centre. Give us a call today on (03) 9585 4385 if you have any questions about your visit.